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Join the Dance Revolution at Bachatology Academy with Sol and Laura

Your Four-Week Gateway to Bachata Excellence

Take your Bachata passion and prowess to new peaks with Bachatology Academy's exclusive 4-week intensive program. Designed for improvers and intermediate dancers, our curriculum is crafted to fine-tune your skills, enhance your style, and deepen your love for this enchanting dance. And it's not just any training — it's an opportunity to learn from the best in the field, international Bachata sensations Sol and Laura.

Train with the Best

Imagine the thrill of learning your favourite moves from those who have graced stages worldwide. Sol and Laura are not just extraordinary dancers but seasoned instructors with a flair for inspiring their students. They bring their wealth of experience and unique artistic expression to each session, ensuring that every two-hour weekly class is packed with insights, techniques, and the secrets of the pros.

Exclusive Entry by Audition Only

Bachatology Academy's doors are open to those who demonstrate their commitment right from the start. To join our transformative program, you must submit a video that captures your current Bachata dance skills. Sol and Laura will personally review these auditions to select dancers who are ready to journey with them through this intensive training. Show us your footwork, your timing, and the emotion you bring to every move.

Your Dance, Your Story, Your Audition

Your video is more than a formality; it's a narrative of your dance journey, a testament to your dedication, and a preview of the potential you're ready to unleash. We're not just looking for dancers; we're looking for artists who embody the spirit of Bachata and are eager to evolve their artistry under the mentorship of Sol and Laura.

A Community of Passionate Dancers

By ensuring enrolment is based on audition videos, Bachatology Academy fosters an environment where every dancer is attuned to the program's intensity and ready to rise to its challenges. You'll be in the company of peers who share your determination and drive, all under the tutelage of Sol and Laura.

Step into the Spotlight

Are you ready to immerse yourself in an experience that will change the way you dance forever? Are you eager to connect with Bachata on a deeper level under the guidance of internationally renowned artists? Submit your video, and let Sol and Laura unlock the full potential of your dance.

Ignite your passion. Perfect your movements. Transform with Bachatology Academy.

Submit Your Video

Spaces are limited, and enrolment is contingent upon the assessment of your video audition by Sol and Laura. Make sure your video truly showcases your zeal and skill level. For details on how to submit your video, click here.

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