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Video Submission for Bachatology Academy Enrolment

Congratulations on taking the first step towards joining our Bachatology Academy! This is your chance to shine and show us how you connect with the music and the dance in a social setting. Your submission will be reviewed by our internationally acclaimed instructors, Sol and Laura, and will serve as your audition for our intensive four-week program.

Your Guide to Submitting Your Social Dance Video:

  1. Capture Your Social Dance: Record a video of yourself dancing Bachata socially. This could be at a club, dance studio, or any social setting where you are dancing with a partner. The video should be unchoreographed and showcase your ability to lead or follow in a social dance context.

  2. Video Length and Quality: Ensure the video is at least 2 minutes long, showing continuous dancing without cuts. High-quality video is preferred to clearly see your movements and expression.

  3. Message: Give some basic details about where you're dancing, and any brief remarks about your love for Bachata, and any particular things you are wanting to improve

  4. Upload to an External Site: Upload the finished video to an external video-sharing platform such as Vimeo or YouTube. Make sure the video is set to public or unlisted, not private, so that the review panel can access it.

    1. If you are struggling you can submit a file in the form below, but it has a very small upload limit, you are better uploading to an external site.​

  5. Fill Out the Submission Form: Return to this page and fill in the submission form with your personal details and the link to your video.

  6. Double-Check Your Video: Review your video link to ensure it works correctly and provides the best representation of your social dancing skills.

  7. Submit Your Application: After ensuring all information is accurate, and your video link is functioning, submit the form to complete your application process.

Remember, this video is your chance to make a strong first impression. Dance with confidence, express your personality, and most importantly, have fun! We're excited to see what you'll bring to Bachatology Academy.

Submission Form

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